The miniature collection.

This project was conceived when two experiences converged—watching the protagonist Adele Lack in the film Synecdoche, New York working on her miniaturized paintings years ago, and the discovery of rare 2" high photographs while antiquing for additions to my Antique Photo Collection. The project didn't become actualized for many years until I was sitting in a car one day with a fellow photographer musing over the newest 2" addition to my collection scored at an antique store moments earlier. A conversation then ensued about our mutual admiration for works on a miniature scale and my long withstanding desire to create my personal work on the scale of Adele's. It was that moment in which the collaborative project The Miniature Collective was born, of which this ongoing collection is part.

All artwork is handmade consisting of:
1"x1" pigment inkjet prints on enhanced matte paper, 1/4" balsawood frames, and 1/2" sequin pins.

Even the simple and mundane should be celebrated.

Tanya Zani was born and raised in Rochester, NY, where she was exposed to photography from an early age. After spending most of her teenage years in various darkrooms, she moved to San Francisco in 1994 to complete her B.F.A. She then moved to Florence, Italy, indefinitely with a suitcase, her camera, and 50 rolls of film to document her stay. Returning to the dot-com boom in S.F. in 1999 she pursued a successful career in graphic design until rediscovering her passion for photography—at which point she completed two internships with Dwell Magazine and the photographer Todd Hido, respectively. Her clients have included: American Craft Magazine, The Wire Magazine, and Dwell Magazine. Tanya currently lives in Upstate NY where she works peacefully on her fine-art photography and freelance graphic-design projects.